Consultants wanted for ABD study of northern Afghan rail plan

Asian Development Bank is seeking consultants to look into the development of a freight and passenger rail network in northern Afghanistan. The route would link the existing line from Uzbekistan with Herat.

The Japan Special Fund is providing USD1.2 million for the eight-month study, with a tentative start date of 1 May 2009.

Afghanistan: Railway Development Program / Package T1: A team of experts is envisaged to be recruited

Closing date: 24-1-2009
Notice number: 42533-01
Abstract:Railway Development Program

The objective of the study is to respond to the Government of Afghanistan’s request to carry out studies of the possible railway linkage in the northern part of the country within approximately 1250 km corridor.
More specifically between the borders with Uzbekistan (at Hairatn) and Tajikstan (at Shirkhan Bendar) connecting with Herat in the West via Kunduz and Mazar e Sharif.

A team of experts is envisaged to be recruited to carry out issues-oriented studies and develop a commercial scenario for effective freight and passenger railway transport and provide the required output in a timely fashion.

The respective consultants will review the available studies undertaken in the respective areas, meet with the stakeholders and business people the requirements and discuss the prospects of the railway system for the transportation of passengers and freight operations in that part of the country.

The consultants will collect necessary data, carry out required field surveys and produce development program and plans.

Source: EVD

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