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King Amanullah in Berlin (Photo: Deutsches Bundesarchiv <a href="">License</a>)

King Amanullah in Berlin (Photo: Deutsches Bundesarchiv License)

King Amanullah of Afghanistan undertook a seven-month tour of Europe in early 1928, visiting countries including Egypt, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Britain, Belgium, Poland, the USSR, Turkey asnd Persia.1

King Amanullah visited Berlin in February 1928, where he went for short ride on – and was allegedly invited to drive – one of the then-new type A-II small-profile U-bahn trains, leading to the type becoming popularly known as the “Amanullah-Wagen” [Amanullah car].

In Britain, the King’s extensive programme included inspections of the

This is a rough outline of parts of his tour; there are still gaps to be filled.


In December 1927 the Indian vice-regal train was sent to collect King Amanullah from Chaman on border of India (now Pakistan) and Afghanistan. The train had two Class HG/S 2-8-0 steam locomotives on the front and two on the back. During the journey the King or one of his party pulled the communication cord in the Khojak Tunnel, causing a coupling to break, and it took 20 minutes to restart the 12 coach train.2

Wednesday 14 December 1927
Official welcome in Bombay.

Saturday 17 December 1927
Shortly after 18.00 the King and Queen embarked on the ship Rajaputana at Bombay, which left escorted by Supermarine flying boats.3

Sunday 18 December 1927
The King made a tour of inspection of the ship.

Monday 19 December 1927
Tour of the engine room and bridge.
Watched European dancing in the evening.

Tuesday 20 December 1927
Morning tour of the galleys, afternoon watching boxing onboard.


Wednesday 21 December 1927
13:15 Royal Indian Marine Ship Baluchi escorted Rajaputana into Aden, where the King landed.
19:00 Departed Aden.

Thursday 22, Friday 23, Saturday 24 December 1927
At sea.


Sunday 25 December 1927
06:00 Arrived at Suez
08:00 Entered the Suez Canal
In the afternoon the Queen “gave a Christmas tree” and presented children with toys and sweets.
19:00 Arrived at Port Said

Monday 26 December 1927
10:15 The King disembarked, to be met by Egypt’s Prince Omar.
10.30 The Queen disembarked.


2 January 1928
Cairo. The King visited various industrial and technical schools, and had lunch at the Turkish Legation. In the evening he attended the chamber and listened to the debate.4


? January
Visited the sphinx



Sailed from Alexandria on steamship Italia.

Sunday 8 January 1928
10:00 Landed at Naples.
10:45 Special train to Rome.
Met Italy’s King Victor Emmanuel III and Queen Elena. Later in the afternoon received Mussolini.
State banquet in the evening.

During air manoeuvres two aeroplanes collided, killing one of the pilots.

Monday 9 January 1928
King Amanullah of Afghanistan with Victor Emmanuel c 1920s
With the King of Italy, visited the Pantheon to lay wreaths on the graves of kings Victor Emmanuel II and Humbert. Visited the Altar of the Fatherland, and laid a wreath on the grave of the unknown soldier.
After lunch visited the Tor de Quinto military school.
Second state banquet in the evening.

Italy 1927 - The King of Afghanistan, Amanullah Khan and Queen Sorya Tarzi with King Victor Emmanuel 111

Tuesday 10 January 1928
Wednesday 11 January 1928

Thursday 12 January 1928
Audience with Pope Pius XI
The Times commented that “Afghanistan is said to be one the few countries, if, indeed, not the only country, in the world in which there are no Roman Catholic subjects and no Roman Catholic missions.”5
“The audience followed strictly the protocol adapted for the visit of King Fuad [I of Egypt] last August”. An escort was sent to fetch the king from his hotel [The official visit having concluded, Amanullah was staying at the Grand Hotel], and he reached the Vatican at 12.30. The audience lasted 20 minutes. The King them met Cardinal Secretary of State Cardinal Gasparri for a few minutes, was escorted back to the hotel, then Gasparri made a return visit.
Later the King visited the Vatican Museum and galleries and St Peter’s Basilica incognito.

[visited Naples, Rome, Venice and Milan]

17 January 1928
Left Milan for Turin and France


?? A photograph of King and Queen in Nice appears in 6

Wednesday 25 January 1928
Arrived in Paris from Nice. Welcomed by French President Gaston Doumergue at Bois de Boulogne station 7

Thursday 26 January 1928


3 February
Left Le Creusot. Arrived Lyon 18:458

4 February
15:00 Left Lyon9


17 February 1928
Treaty of friendship with Switzerland.10


Wednesday 22 February 1928.

11:15 Arrived from Switzerland by train at Berlin Lehrter station.11
Met by President Hindenburg.

Ceremonial drive along Unter den Linen and through the Brandburg Gate to the Prinz-Albrecht-Palais.12
Met Vice-Chancellor Hergt, who reportedly made controversial comments about Afghanistan and Germany, which were later denied.

15:00 By car to the Reichspräsidentenpalais for a meeting with Hindenburg.

17:00 Meeting with the diplomatic corps.
Torchlight tattoo in Wilhelmstrasse outside the presidential palace.13

Thursday 23 February 1928

Morning visit to Templehof airport.
Lunch with Paul Löbe, President of the Reichstag.
Laid a wreath at the war memorial.
Evening dinner given by Vice-Chancellor Hergt, standing in for Chancellor Marx who was ill.

Friday 24 February 1928
Morning. King and Queen attended a civic reception at the town hall, signing the Golden Book of the city and being presented with an album.
Afternoon. King visited a technical high school and received an honorary degree.
Evening gala performance at the opera house.14

Saturday 25 February 1928
Military review at Döberitz parade ground, including a mock battle with hand-propelled fake tanks.15 27 Feb. 1928: 13. The Times Digital Archive. Web. 18 Mar. 2016.]
Visit to the Nauen transmitting station.16
Evening: the King gave a dinner at the Afghan Legation for the President and government, ending the official events.
Sunday 26 February

Sunday 26 February 1928

Monday 27 February
King and Queen made an unofficial visit to Potsdam, visiting the Sanssouci Palace, Orangerie and New Palace. There was no town reception, at the King’s request.

?Visted Siemens?

Tuesday 28 February
AEG, Oberschoeneweide, Berlin.[]1]

Wednesday 29 February

Thursday 1 March
Left Berlin to visit to Junkers Flugzeugwerke, Dessau.17

(at some point in the trip the King visited Zeiss-Ikon in Dresden, and factories in Leipzig,18
During the trip he developed ideas for industry in Afghanistan, including “small-gauge railways”.19

The Queen visited the Kuhnen fashion studio in March 1928 20
Friday 2 March
Saturday 3 March 1928
Sunday 4 March 1928
Monday 5 March 1928

Tuesday 6 March 1928
Leaves Berlin, after granting a German widow permission to leave Afghanistan with her Afghan-born children.21

Visits Leipzig trade fair22 and orders 25 knitting machines. 23

Thursday 8 March 1928
Visited Krupp works and workmens’s dwellings in Essen 24 At Krupp he was presented with a fast motor truck “of the latest type”.25


Friday 9 March 1928
Travelled via Aachen to Paris.26

Saturday 10 March
Sunday 11 March
Monday 12 March


Tuesday 13 March 1928
Film “Our Royal Guests”.

11:45 Departed Calais on the steamer Maid of Orleans., which was met halfway across the Channel by four destroyers and five aircraft.
12:55 Arrived at Dover, and met by the Prince of Wales.
13.00 Came ashore.
13:15 Train from Dover Marine to London Victoria.
15.00 Arrived London Victoria, met by King George V and Queen Mary for a parade to Buckingham Palace, and thence to the Rubens Hotel where they were to stay until Thursday. They were to have stayed at the Afghan Legation, but the accommodation was insufficient27
16.30 Left Buckingham Palace.
16.35 Visited Cenotaph.
16:45 Visited Westminster Abbey and the grave of the unknown warrior.
17:00 St James’s Palace for addresses from London County Council and the City of Westminster.
20:10 State banquet at Buckingham Palace.

Wednesday 14 March 1928
king Amanullah Khan_westminster0
11.00 Received the diplomatic corps at Buckingham Palace.
12:35 Parade to the City and lunch at the Guildhall.
Parade back to Buckingham Palace.
20:15 Dinner given by the Foreign Secretary.

Thursday 15 March 1928
State visit concludes in the morning.
Transfer to Claridge’s hotel.
20.30 Gave a banquet for the British King & Queen at the Afghan Legation.

Friday 16 March 1928
14:30 Arrived Birmingham New Street by train, met by the Lord Mayor of Birmingham.
By car to visit the Birmingham Small Arms factory, Small Heath.
16:45 Departed New Street station for London.
21:00-23:00 Reception

Saturday 17 March 1928
11.00 Arrived RAF Technical Training Centre Halton
Lunch in the officer’s mess, by car via Tring and Watford to Hendon.
RAF Hendon private flying display.

Sunday 18 March 1928
Lunch at Hatfield House.

Monday 19 March 1928

Day with the Royal Navy.

11:45 arrived in Portsmouth by car from London.
Visited HMS Victory.
Visited battlecrusier HMS Tiger.
Lunch at Admiralty House
King travelled to Southampton on submarine L22, firing a torpedo on the way.
Queen travelled via Hunt-class minesweeper HMS Alresford to Southampton.
Visited the White Star liner RMS Majestic (which was originally Hamburg American Line’s Bismarck).
Stayed overnight in Bournemouth.

Tuesday 20 March 1928
Film: Astonishing terrifying and unromantic
09:50 Arrived at the Royal Tank Corps Centre in Lulworth by car.
Watched a demonstration of tank warfare, and King Amanullah was able to enter a tank and fire its gun. Saw the climbing abilities of a Mark V* tank.
By car from Lulworth, escorted by two armoured cars, to visit the Dorchester Beam Station radio facility.28
Shortly before 16.00 arrived at Bulford Field, Amesbury, for a review of military equipment, described by The Times as a “tremendous array and unique, the first review without a horse on parade.”29
Tea with artillery officers at Bulford
Returned to Salisbury soon after 18.15, being met by the Mayor and Corporation and joining a special train.

Wednesday 21 March 1928
Visited Croydon airport and the Great Western Railway works at Swindon.

The Queen was “feeling the strain” and remained at Claridge’s30

Thursday 22 March 1928

09:00 the King embarked on Marchoness at Westminster Pier and travelled to London Bridge, where he transferred to the new Port of London Authority steam yacht St Katherine. He passed through the docks, where ships were dressed in his honour and the dockside decorated with flags.31

The King went ashore on the south bank, travelling by car to the Royal Observatory at Greenwich where he met the Astronomer Royal Sir Frank Dyson. The King was “a little incredulous of the possibility of seeing stars in daylight”, and cloud prevented this. After seeing the one o’clock time signal he went by car to Woolwich Royal Artillery Depot and Woolwich Arsenal.

Film: “What wonders will you show me next”.

Later he visited the Royal Geographical Society in Kensington Gore, where he was presented with a diploma of honorary membership.

The Queen went shopping on Oxford Street, spending three hours at Waring & Gillow where she bought English china and glass, silver, electric fittings and a “very fine specimen” of Axminster carpet.

Friday 23 March 1928
The King and Queen arrived in Oxford by road and were received at the gate of All Souls by the Vice-Chancellor and High Steward of the University of Oxford and the two MPs. The King put on the crimson Doctor of Civil Law robes and moved in a procession to the Sheldonian Theatre, arriving shortly after 12:00 to be admitted to the degree. The diploma was in Latin, but the King and Queen were handed Persian translations.32

The King and Queen then visited the Bodleian Library, where they saw the Persian books and “there were a few Afghan books for the King to see, and he was very interested in them.’

Lunch was served at Wadham Hall. In the afternoon they visited Exeter College (where the Queen’s brother was an undergraduate at the time), Christ Church and Magdalen. After a final visit to All Souls, they returned to London by car.

Saturday 24 March 1928
The King visited the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, by car.33

Sunday 25 March 1928

Monday 26 March 1928
More shopping for the palace 34
The Queen attended the Coliseum 35 however the King was unable to attend because of “an accumulation of State business”.

Tuesday 27 March 1928
00:30 Special night train from London St Pancras to Derby, waiting at Trent to arrive in Derby at 08.00.36

Visit to the Rolls-Royce Motor Works, “seeing everything from pleasure cars to a khaki-painted armoured car.”37

Sheffield: Visted Town Hall; on leaving gave an autograph-hunting disabled artilleryman £100.38

Bean Motor car at Hadfields Co. Ltd‘s East Hecla Works. Saw a demonstation of bullet-proof armour for soldiers, which the Queen fired a gun at.
Vickers Amstrong, Sheffield, and saw a 35 ton ingot rolled into armour plate.
Mappin & Webb to see Sheffield plate being made.

Train to Manchester Central station, arrived just after 21:00, stayed at the Midand Hotel.

Wednesday 28 March 1928
Visit of King Amanullah of Afghanistan to Bradford Colliery, Manchester, 1928

09.30 The King left the Midland Hotel; the Queen was too tired for the morning visits.39

Amanullah drove to Trafford Park to visit Metropolitan Vickers, where “a spectacular display of high voltage discharges was arranged”. He then travelled on the Manchester Ship Canal Co’s steam launch Flying Breeze around the docks and down the canal to the Barton swing aqueduct , which was swung as a demonstration.

Queen Surayya preceded the King to the Town Hall just before 13:00, and the King and Queen had lunch with the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress and met around 100 people, including representatives of the city’s civic and commercial life.

The King and Queen then visited two cotton mills. At William Holland Ltd’s Victoria Mills they saw a doubling mill erected in 1924, then went to Tootal Broadhurst Lee Co‘s mill to see weaving.

Queen Surayya then returned to the Town Hall with the Lady Mayoress, while King Amanullah went to the Bradford Colliery Co’s Bradford pit, where, after sending an advance party down and speaking to them on their return, he and 10 of the party went 50 yards below ground. The King returned with a piece of coal he had hewn himself.

In the evening the city hosted a civic reception for 300 guests at the Town Hall, and the King and Queen stayed overnight at the Midland Hotel.

Thursday 29 March 1928
Film: King Amanullah At Liverpool.

Left for Port Sunlight, where the King and Queen met Lord Leverhulme and D Darcy Cooper, Governor and Chairman of Lever Brothers. After a tour of the works, lunch was served in the Lady Lever Art Gallery.

The King and Queen made a ‘picturesque’ entry to Liverpool by water, travelling in a car from Woodside Ferry in Birkenhead on ‘large corporation luggage ferry steamer’ Bebington40, escorted by a flotilla of ferries. They were met by the Lord Mayor, and travelled in the Liverpool state coach to St George’s Hall for a formal welcome. This was followed by a procession to tea at the Town Hall. Afterwards they were met by the Chairman of the Dock Board at Prince’s Parade, and boarded the Cunard liner Scythia which was moored at the landing stage for use as the royal party’s floating hotel.41

Friday 30 March 1928
10:30 Arrived at the Liverpool Cotton Exchange, and watched activities there. The King was presented with a gold fountain pen, and signed the visitor’s book. A planned visit to Gladstone Dock was curtailed owning to heavy rain, with the King and Queen being driven though the shed at branch dock No.1 in their car rather than walking. 42

12:45 Arrived at Aintree by car, where they joined Lord Sefton in his private stand to watch the 1928 Grand National (won by Tipperary Tim, at odds of 100/1).

16:15 Left Fazakerley station on a special train to London.

Saturday 31 March 1928
King watches the Oxford v Cambridge Boat Race from Barnes Bridge (Cambridge won by 10 lengths), then at 15:00 the England v Scotland association football match at Wembley with the Duke of York (England 1, Scotland 5).

Sunday 1 April 1928
The King had expressed a desire to learn about the Boy Scout movement, and so a rally was arranged by Chief Scout Sir Robert Baden-Powell at the London Scottish Drill Hall during the afternoon, with almost 2000 scouts attending.43

Monday 2 April 1928

Tuesday 3 April 1928
Queen Soraya at Queen Charlotte’s Maternity Hospital.44

King Amanullah travelled from London Waterloo to Portland in a special train comprising Pullman cars hauled by Southern Railway steam locomotive number 850 Lord Nelson. Because this locomotive was unable to travel on the Portland branch, two immaculately polished Class 02 locomotives hauled the train from Weymouth to Portland where a special platform had been built near the Camber jetty for King Amanullah to disembark.45 The platform was dismantled after the visit.

After inspecting a guard of honour, the King was taken to on the Admiral’s barge to the flagship HMS Nelson. Film: Afghan’s King Sees Britain’s Might.

The King sailed on HMS Nelson46 to a watch a display by ships of the Atlantic fleet.47 48

This included four R Class destroyers, HMS Thruster, HMS Salmon, HMS Torrid and HMS Rowena dropping depth charges in an anti-submarine exercise. HMS Rodney, destroyer HMS Witch, a Shakespeare Class destroyer, a C Class cruiser and aircraft carrier HMS Furious were also present.49

Event ended at Spithead.50

Wednesday 4 April 1928

Thursday 5 April 1928
Arrived at the departure platform at London Victoria just before 11:30. The royal waiting rooms had been carpeted and decorated. By train to Dover, then the party left Britain on Maid of Orleans as the guns at Dover Castle fired a royal salute.51


Friday 6 April 1928


Sunday April 22 1928
The Times carried a report from Berlin dated 22 April 1928 saying the King had “practically recovered” from the effects of a recent operation for tonsillitis. He had endowed his room in the nursing home for the free use of patients approved by the directors and the Afghan Legation for 10 years.52

Monday 23 April 1928
Visited Templehof airfield to the see the Junkers G.24 aircraft which the German government had given him. He flew over Berlin and Potsdam accompanied by the Queen who was on her first flight.53


Friday 27 April

Left Berlin for Warsaw.54



Tuesday 1 May 1928
The President of Poland accompanied Amanullah to the offices of the army inspectorate where “in view of the King’s repeated requests” the King had a three-quarters of an hour meeting with Marshal Pilsudski. 55

Soviet Union

Wednesday 2 May 1928
Left Warsaw for Moscow in the morning, and were due to enter Soviet Russia at 20.00. Changed to a Soviet train at Stolpce (now Stowbtsy in Belarus), where the wooden arch spanning the tracks a yard inside the border had been specially decorated.56

The Times correspondent in Riga reported that the Soviet press were running articles suggesting that Britain was a threat to Afghanistan.

Thursday 3 May 1928
Arrived Moscow in the morning on a special train from the frontier. There were speeches, guards of honour and anthems at Negoreloye and Minsk.
Travelled to a villa belonging to the Commissariat of Foreign Affairs, where they were to stay.

The King then visited Kalinin and others, Lenin’s mausoleum and official reception given by Kalinin.57

Thursday 10 May 1928
Arrived in Leningrad. From the station the King went by car to the Winter Palace where a military parade was held in the square. Later the King visited the Hermitage Museum. 58

15 May 1928
King and Queen arrived in Sevastapol. 59

Sailed from Sevastapol on the Turkish steamer Izmir

Saturday 19 May 1928
Arrived in Constantinople during the afternoon, escorted by two destroyers.
The King and Queen proceeded to Haidar Pasha where they landed in Soyodlu, the former imperial yacht. Outside the station the King inspected a guard of honour and 50 young Afghan officers who were being trained at the Turkish Military Academy at Harbieh. The party then travelled by train to Angora (Ankara).60

Sunday 20 May 1928
11:30 arrived Ankara, met by Atatürk and ministers.
Evening banquet.

Monday 21 May 1928

Five days in Ankara, then back to Constantipole.



1 July 1928 Arrives back in Kabul.


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