Seaham sound mirror photograph

Seaham sound mirror in 1976 (Photo: Ivor Parrington)

Ivor Parrington has sent the Seaham Family History Group a 1976 photograph of the now demolished acoustic mirror at Seaham.

This is the first picture that I have seen of it. As had been reported, the design looks like the World War I sound mirrors at Boulby, Redcar and Sunderland in the northeast, and the one at Selsey in Sussex. The sketch of the reported mirror at Hartlepool looks the same too.

This would date the Seaham mirror to about 1916.

Apparently there is nothing left now, but the location has been identified as being here:
Probable location of Seaham sound mirror

There is some discussion from people who remember it and a painting of it at Seaham Scenes.

(thanks to Raymond Thompson of SFHG)

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