Selsey listening post

A sound mirror at Selsey has been converted into a house(!), no.2 East Beach Road. Known locally as the listening post, the mirror is of a similar design to the ones at Boulby, Redcar and Sunderland, but with a roof added, as well as various extensions and a window in the back.

[Selsey sound mirror]

When I visted on 1 May 2004 it seemed to be uninhabited, but it has since been sold and renovated.

The front of the building is almost unrecognisable as a sound mirror, but the angle of the roof is a clue.

There is a window in the rear of the mirror.

Various extensions have been built around the mirror, which was listed Grade II in April 1999.


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The mirror is in the middle of a road junction on Beach Road, near a small lake. You can’t really miss the building, but unless you knew what to look for you would never guess what it was! An approximate grid reference is SZ864935 (map).

There are buses to Selsey from Chichester which stop nearby, at the East Beach shops.


News and updates about the Selsey listening post.

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