US ‘Sound Mirror’ art exhibition

VISITOR CENTER is pleased to present its inaugural exhibition ‘Sound Mirror,’ a solo exhibition by Audra Wolowiec featuring works on paper and sculptures investigating the materiality of sound and their visual manifestations.

Sound or Acoustic Mirrors are large parabolic cement structures that were built along the coast of England in the early 1900’s as listening devices to detect the approach of enemy aircraft. Soon made obsolete by new technology, these architectural forms punctuate the landscape, as reminders of the physicality of sound. Works in the show, from large handmade paper waveforms, to cast concrete and ceramic sculptures, mine materiality through surface echoes and reciprocal wave patterns. These series are in conversation with Wolowiec’s work with language-based sound scores in print and book form.

The exhibition is at Newburgh in New York state, USA, and is open from October 9 to December 18 2021

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