Details of the sound mirrors, and how to visit the ones which survive.

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  1. Hello Mr. Grantham,

    I have just read the feature about the sound mirrors on the BBC news internet site and was just wondering if any mirrors were errected along the Essex coastline which may no longer exist. I grew up near to Shoeburyness and its garrison in the sixties and seventies and have seen many a strange, concrete structure along the coast and Thames estuary but, so far, nothing that resembled a sound mirror.

    Best regards and thanks for enlightening the world to our environment from the past.

  2. Hello Andrew,
    I found your site after looking at the BBC article at https://www.bbc.com/news/in-pictures-46348917
    A little suggestion which might help people to find the sound mirrors. Would it be possible to add the latitude/longitude to the information on each object. Most have a GPS in their mobile and the objects are not always on a road.
    I came originally from near Whitby (now live in Germany), so on the next visit I’ll try to see the mirror near Boulby
    Best wishes,


  3. Hi I also found your website after reading the BBC article about Sound Mirrors, could you enlighten me on the closest one to Manchester? I realise they’re likely to be on the East and South coasts of the country but would love to visit one myself.

  4. Hello Andrew
    I wonder whether there were any sound mirrors in Scotland, particularly on the Fife Coast? The reason I ask is I know of a couple of square concrete huts similar to the ones near sound mirrors on the Kent coast; one outside Crail and one in Anstruther in the East Neuk of Fife. I’ve often wondered what these were for

  5. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for putting together a great site. I was alerted to this from the recent BBC article on sound mirrors, and it seems many other people were too! I was raised in Folkestone and spent a lot of my time playing around old Anderson shelters and pillboxes in the area. It’s great to see that someone has documented the sound mirrors and that people know what they were used for, including myself!

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