Kabul New City light rail plan

A light rail line is included in the plans for Kabul New City, a proposed a new city 1.5 times larger than the existing one which would be developed between Bagram Airbase and Kabul International Airport.1

Accordng to Dehsabz-Barikab City Development Authority, “there is a LRT line planned on the main city road at the mid term development period”2


  1. The Master Plan – Strategic Plan, DCDA

1950s Kabul electric tram plan

In November 1950 Machinery Lloyd reported:

Tramways for Kabul

Preliminary plans have been worked out for the development of an electric tramway system for Kabul which should open possibilities for the sale of British equipment. The pro
Source: Machinery Lloyd, p151, 25 November 1950, Volume 22 Issue 3, Continental & Overseas Organisation Ltd

Google Books doesn’t show any more of the article than this snippet.

And not long afterwards, Foreign Commerce Weekly said:

A tramway company for Kabul was formed in August to develop an electric trolley service when current is available with the completion of the Sarobi power project.
Source: Foreign Commerce Weekly, p15, 19 February 1951, Volumes 42 No 8, US Department of Commerce

Kabul never got an electric tramway, however it did have a trolleybus system, with Czechoslovakian equipment.