Construction projects


In the 1950s a 22 000 kW hydroelectric power station was built at Sarobi, east of Kabul, with the aid of German expertise.

Three Henschel four-wheel 600 mm gauge diesel hydraulic locos built in 1951 (works numbers 24892, 24993, 24994) were supplied to the power station.1 The fate of these locomotives is unknown, however there have been unconfirmed rumours of locomotives being sighted near a dam since 2001.


Ruhrthaler Maschinenfabrik, of Germany supplied eight locomotives for Mahipar in 1964-65.

The run-of-river hydroelectric power plant Mahipar is located on the Kabul river about 40 km downstream of the capital Kabul. The hydropower scheme was completed and the first two units commissioned in 1966 to provide mid and peak load electrical power to the grid for supplying the city of Kabul. A third unit was installed some years later.


The Afghan Energy Information Center has some more information.

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