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Railways of Afghanistan

If you thought Afghanistan was bereft of railroads, read on for a story of international intrigue, invasion plans, the Great Game, and powers imperial and hydro-electric.

  • Friendship Bridge pictures 23 July 2019
    #Uzbekistan #Afghanistan: #Friendship Bridge over Amudarya was constructed in 1982. Northern Distribution Network, U.S. non-military supply route, still functions in a limited way and goes through thi …
  • Italian investment 23 June 2019
    #DYK that the Italian Government invests in a holistic #infrastructure and #connectivity program in the #Herat region (roads, railways and airport) for the sustainable socio-economic #development of w …
  • Khaf – Herat railway photos 21 May 2019
    #Herat – #Khawaf railway. This railway will connect #Afghanistan through #Iran to Europe. Now #AFG is connected to #Europe through railway, air corridor & land transportation.@ashrafghani @HassanR …
  • Terrorist attack on Khaf – Herat railway project 20 May 2019
    Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi condemned a terrorist mine explosion at Khaf-Herat railroad that killed and injured a number of Iranian and Afghan nationals on Sunday. Source: …
  • Afghanistan joins OTIF 1 May 2019
    Afghanistan: 51st member of OTIF On 1 May 2019, Afghanistan becomes the 51st member of the Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail (OTIF). The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan …

Sound mirrors

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  • Selsey sound mirror 17 June 2019
    The Selsey sound mirror in August 2018.
  • Sound mirror photos on the BBC website 7 January 2019
    Black and white photos of the sound mirrors by Joe Pettet-Smith on the BBC News website. More than 100 years ago acoustic mirrors along the coast of England were used to detect the sound of approachin …
  • Photographing the Kilnsea sound mirror 30 September 2018
    Martin Fuge shows how he photographed the Kilnsea sound mirror. His other landscape photography videos are worth watching as well.
  • Sound mirrors in the Financial Times 24 July 2018
    An article about sound mirrors by the security and defence editor of the Financial Times. Forgotten, dilapidated and, in one case, buried by the local council as an eyesore; these smooth, spherical co …
  • Dungeness sound mirror open day 7 July 2018
    Thank you to all 350 visitors who came to support our open day. Good turn out considering this weekends sporting events… The next one is on the 1st September! @RSPB_SouthEast @concreteear pic.twitter. …

Railways of Iraq

  • PC class streamlined loco photo 25 June 2018
  • Pictures of Baghdad Central station 29 November 2016
    BBC report In pictures: The crown jewel of Iraq’s railway. See if you can spot the steam loco in the second and the last photos.
  • Mobile friendly 13 April 2015
    I have changed this website’s WordPress theme, so hopefully it should now be more mobile device friendly. Let me know if anything doesn’t work. Meanwhile, I would recommend following “Historical Railw …
  • New coaches for Iraqi Republic Railways 16 January 2015
    Tüvasaş has built 14 coaches for Iraqi Republic Railways, including 2 sleeping, 4 couchette and 2 restaurant cars — Railway Gazette (@railwaygazette) January 14, 2015
  • Derailment response vehicle for IRR 29 September 2014
    One of 7 Zagro derailment response vehicles ordered by Iraqi Republic Railways, on show at #InnoTrans — Railway Gazette (@railwaygazette) September 26, 2014

Other – travel and similar

If God had intended us to fly, He would never have given us the railways.

  • The world’s shortest international railway 11 August 2019
    What is claimed to be the “shortest international railway” runs for a few metres between Nové Údolí in the Czech Republic and the other side of the now-open border with Germany. The standard gauge lin …
  • LOOP footpath 9 – Uxbridge to Hatch End 11 July 2019
    Walking the London Outer Orbital Path from Uxbridge to Hatch End on 7 July 2019. Sections 12, 13 and 14 are each relatively short and so can be done in one long-ish day. These sections start by more o …
  • LOOP footpath 8 – Hayes to Uxbridge 6 June 2019
    Walking the London Outer Orbital Path from Hayes to Uxbridge – section 11 – on 6 June 2019. A canal, a diversion through a golf course, more canal, a river and back to the canal.
  • LOOP footpath 7 – Kingston to Hayes 25 May 2019
    Walking the London Outer Orbital Path from Kingston to Hayes – sections 9 and 10 – on 25 May 2019. Bushy Park is very nice. The environs of Heathrow airport… less so.
  • LOOP footpath 6 – Ewell to Kingston 6 May 2019
    Walking the London Outer Orbital Path from Ewell to Kingston – section 8 – on 6 May 2019.