Railways in Iraq

Iraqi Republic Railways DEM2800 locomotive. Photo: Rick Degman

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World events have focused attention on Iraq in recent years. There was very little information available on the web about the country’s rail network, so in 2003 or so I put together some pages with various odds and ends.

The website is completely unofficial, and I’ve only ever seen Iraq from the window of an airliner at night, but hopefully it gives some information on railway matters there. While I don’t really attempt to keep these pages about Iraq up to date nowadays, there is enough interest in the subject that I have decided to keep them live.

More information is always welcome!


[Poster advertising the Taurus Express]

Locomotives & rolling stock of Iraq

Class 8F steam loco in Baghdad (Photo: Gordon Mott 2003)


IRR locos in Basra

2 thoughts on “Railways in Iraq

  1. I, Nafar Imam Zaidi want to visit for ziyrat KARBALA alongwith my wife and my wish to travel with Iraqi Train and I come from Iran so I need information which Railway Station take train for KARBALA.
    Please sent me full information and obliged

  2. I am trying to find out my grandfather’s role (Horace Pengelly) in the building of the railway in 1920. Horace was posted to Baghdad in 1920 but he wasnt’ in the military.

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