Trams and trains in Belgium

In September 2001 I went to Belgium (and Luxembourg) on holiday. Here are a few badly-scanned old photographs.

Tram 7066 near the center of Antwerpen. 2001-09-05.

A modern tram in Brussels.

Tram 7811 at the terminus near the Atomium in Brussels.

Another Brussels tram.

[Commonwealth military cemetery]
Ramparts military cemetery, on the city walls in Ieper. The town is called Ypres in French, but is perhaps better known in Britain as "Wipers".

De Lijn coastal tram at Oostende, 2001-09-03.

[Railcar at Dinant]
Railcar 4508 at Dinant in the Ardennes, forming the 12.47 departure to Beauraing on 6 September 2001. These noisy little things are probably as bad as British Pacer trains – though they do have bogies, and if the driver leaves the cab door open you can see out of the front. From Beauraing to Gedinne the train was replaced by a bus, owing to electrification work.

A tram in the streets of Gent, 2001-09-02

Tram 6304 seen from the castle walls, Gent 2001-09-02

Tram 53 at the terminus Gent 2001-09-02. Note the "park and ride" facilities.

Loco 6313 at Gent Sint-Pieters station.


SNCB locomotive number 2131 in the rain.

[Belgian National Railways logo with nightcap]
The SNCB/NMBS logo, on an overnight train

Waterloo station nameboard

One of my ancestors fell at Waterloo…

[People in Napoleonic costume heading for a bar]

My my, at Waterloo Napoleon did surrender. 2001-09-08.