Tours tram wireless operation

Videos of Alstom Citadis 402 trams in the French city of Tours switching from 750 V DC overhead to APS ground-level power supply, outside the main station. APS catenary-free operation is used on a 1·8 km section of the line through the pedestrianised city centre.

Design agency RCP developed the ‘architecture in motion’ theme for the trams, which features a mirrored adhesive film intended to reflect the urban surroundings and resemble the River Loire.

The tram ends feature two vertical strips of LEDs aligned with the rails, which glow white at the front and red at the back.

Grenoble ticket machine thinks it’s in Croydon

Grenoble tram ticket machine message

Visting the French city of Grenoble back in May 2005, I was impressed to discover that the ticket machines on the tram stops offer an English language option. As I don’t speak French, this was rather useful.

Unfortunately, after buying a ticket in English, the display says that Croydon Tramlink wishes you a good journey!

Croydon Tramlink wishes you a good journey

The the unofficial Croydon Tramlink website has oodles of information about Croydon Tramlink, and its ticketing systems – presumably Grenoble used the same software!