Identifying the prototype for the Airfix/Dapol booking hall

The Airfix/Dapol station booking hall plastic kit is a OO scale model railway classic, first issued in 1958.[1. Booking Hall at Vintage Airfix.] An old catalogue listing says it was “based upon an actual structure”[2. Brighton Toy & Model Museum] – but which one?

It is not dissimilar to late C19th/early C20th Great Western Railway buildings, with the hipped roof and two chimneys, but I haven’t been able to identify a good match in the way that the Airfix church, signal box or windmill kits match prototypes.

The wide open doorway in the middle of the platform side of the model building is quite distinctive. Other potential identifying features which don’t feel like they would have been invented are the clock above the door, and the style of canopy.

So, has anyone got any ideas where the real thing is (or was)?



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