Export Class 158 in Thailand

[State Railway of Thailand class 158 DMU]

State Railway of Thailand operates some diesel multiple units which are export versions of BREL’s British Rail Class 158s.

Obvious differences from their British cousins include metre gauge bogies, the primitive connections between cars, and a squat toilet. Underneath the advertising vinyls, the livery is remarkably similar to the colour scheme which the British DMUs once carried!

Although I didn’t get a ride on one, I had a quick look inside a set which was stood at Bangkok Hualamphong station waiting to form the 16:20 Bangkok – Chachoengsao service on 30 October 2005.

[SRT class 158 DMU]

[SRT class 158 DMU]

[SRT class 158 DMU]

[SRT class 158 DMU]

[SRT class 158 DMU]


Okay, I should have used the flash.

[SRT class 158 DMU]

[Warning sign in SRT class 158 DMU]

[Gangways on SRT class 158 DMU]

Please be careful walking across
the bogie joint while the train
is on operation

Other trains

I had a ride on one of these:


From Bang Sue to Hualampong station, the main terminus in Bangkok.

[Bangkok station concourse]