Narrow gauge military railway in York

The remains of a short 18-inch (or thereabouts; I didn’t actually measure it) railway are visible by the River Ouse on the south edge of York, just upstream from the Millennium Bridge.

Here are some photos I took on April 19 2003.

[Photo of narrow gauge railway by Rive Ouse in York]

The line ran through a now-blocked gateway in the wall.

A nearby noticeboard explains:

Military stores were unloaded at an Ordnance Wharf, built in 1888, and taken to the army depot in Hospital Fields Road on a narrow gauge railway, a small section of which is still visible at the southern end of New Walk. Explosives were brought in the schooner ‘Princess’ known locally as the ‘Powder boat’.

[View towards river]
There is a set of points, and then both tracks turn left to run parallel to the river. The Millennium Bridge is in the background.

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