Narrow gauge military railway in York

The remains of a short 18-inch (or thereabouts; I didn’t actually measure it) railway are visible by the River Ouse on the south edge of York, just upstream from the Millennium Bridge.

Here are some photos I took on April 19 2003.

[Photo of narrow gauge railway by Rive Ouse in York]

The line ran through a now-blocked gateway in the wall.

A nearby noticeboard explains:

Military stores were unloaded at an Ordnance Wharf, built in 1888, and taken to the army depot in Hospital Fields Road on a narrow gauge railway, a small section of which is still visible at the southern end of New Walk. Explosives were brought in the schooner ‘Princess’ known locally as the ‘Powder boat’.

[View towards river]
There is a set of points, and then both tracks turn left to run parallel to the river. The Millennium Bridge is in the background.

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3 thoughts on “Narrow gauge military railway in York

  1. This tramway surfaced a few years ago during some work on the river bank – its 18″ gauge horse worked and ran into the adjacent arsenal for Fulford barracks.

    York library has some good maps showing the system at its full extent with turntables etc in place

  2. Thank you for this info I have walked past the line many times but only from your website have I discovered the origin of the line!

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