German contract in 1930

From Hansard


HC Deb 05 May 1930 vol 238 cc641-2W 641W

Mr. FREEMAN asked the Secretary of State for India whether the Government of India have been officially advised or consulted with regard to the contract made by Afghanistan with the German firm for the construction of a railway linking Kabul with Torkhan, the last Afghan post on the Indian frontier; if the proposal contemplates the connection the main line from Kabul with the Russian rail-heads at Kask [presumably Kushka] and Termez; and whether the Government of India have communicated to him their observations on the proposal?

Mr. BENN I have no official information of the existence of any such contract, though I have seen the newspaper report to which my hon. Friend no doubt refers.

I’ll looked at an online archive of The Times, and the newspaper report in question doesn’t seem to have appeared there.