Chaman, Shela Bagh and Gulistan stations in 1895

Photo taken by William Henry Jackson and published in Harper’s Weekly, 1895, now available on the Library of Congress website.

Chaman station
Railway station at Chaman, near Kojak Tunnel.

Gulistan station
Gulistan Station on the Great Military Railway.

Gulistan station
Although labelled as “Gulistan Station on the Great Military Railway, at entrance to Kojak Tunnel”, this is actually Shela Bagh station.

One thought on “Chaman, Shela Bagh and Gulistan stations in 1895

  1. Dear Sir/Madam….these are wonderful photographs from the rare railway archives…thanks for posting here….BUT one correction please ….Gulistan Station or the Shela Bagh stations are in Pakistan only a few miles away from Quetta City a provinsiol capital of Pakistan. I personally visited the area some time ago…..regards,,,,M.Anwar from Liverpool City UK

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