Trains in Poland in 2002

A few badly-scanned pictures of railways in Poland, taken when I was touring the country with a PKP Polrail pass in August 2002.

[Cast PKP emblem on a steam locomotive]
PKP emblem on a steam loco at Wolsztyn.

[Child looking up at steam locomotive cab]
I’m taking an early holiday ‘cos I know summer comes soonest in Wolsztyn.

[Steam train]
A real steam-hauled freight train leaves Wolsztyn on a wet morning. 2002-08-05.

[Driver of diesel locomotive waving for the camera]
The driver of SU45-205 on the Wolsztyn to Leszno train says says hello. Leszno, 2002-08-05.

[Loco at Hel]
A diesel-hauled train at Hel, waiting to depart for Gdynia. 2002-08-06.

[Polish countryside]
A view from the window of the overnight Gdansk – Krakow train, morning of 2002-08-07. Standing in the corridor and leaning out of the window seems a popular way to travel by train in Poland.

['WARNING! Train' in Polish, German, English and Russian]
A quadlingual sign at Oswiecim. 2002-08-07.

A tram in Krakow. 2002-08-08.

[Us on a pump trolley]
Once on board the train, we began to suspect that buying the cheapest ticket might have been a mistake… Chabowka, 2002-08-08.

Steam loco Ty51 182 in the railway museum at Chabowka. They’ve got quite a variety of standard and narrow gauge locos there. Entrance to the museum cost PLZ 3, and permission to take photos PLZ 10. 2002-08-08.

[Loco EU06-17]
Our train from Krakow to Wroclaw, seen on arrival at Wroclaw. Electric locomotive EU06-17 was built in Britain.

A tram in Wroclaw. The city has an extensive tram network, and almost every street in the centre seemed to have tram tracks. 2002-08-10.

A tram in Poznan. Gdansk, Katowice and Wroclaw had very similar vehicles.

An EP08 at Poznan. Most electric locomotives we found seemed to be green, but this one wasn’t. 2002-08-10.

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