Railway modelling in Kandahar

Yes, really!

Matthew Picciotto built a HO (1:87) scale model railway module inspired by the Uzbekistan – Hairatan – Mazar-i-Sharif line while in Kandahar.

Read all about it in his article Free-mo in a foreign land in the May 2015 issue of the free digital magazine Model Railroad Hobbyist. The article describes the challenges of building a model railway 7000 miles from his home in the USA; although it notes “rocks and gravel were all locally harvested from the ground outside my tent”.

Free-mo in a foreign land | Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine | Having fun with model trains | Instant access to model railway resources without barriers

There is also a Facebook group focused on modeling 5 foot gauge railways as well as armour and aircraft from the former USSR: Russian Modelers Collective.

Osama and Bush on a train

This thing actually exists… an Operation Enduring Freedom “Get Osama” model railway wagon.

The O-gauge model features Osama bin Laden on a flying carpet, and George W Bush riding a missile, Strangelove style: The war against terrorism is not for the weary. When the leader of the free world mounts his trusty missile, the bad guys need to watch out. He always gets his man.