Revolution on the rails

Historically, Afghans have regarded railways with suspicion. But now the government is embracing a plan that could help the country tap into global markets, delivering prosperity and even peace, says Afghanistan’s revolution on the rails, an article by Jonathan Gornall at UAE newspaper The National.

It includes some interesting comments from railway consultant David Brice, who is working in Afghanistan:

And, [Brice] believes, the Afghans may finally have lost their once well justified distrust of foreigners bearing blueprints for railways. “The local people we talk to are thoroughly behind it all. They want to be able to move around much more easily, and in safety. “Afghanistan never has been a self-sufficient country, and any move towards making that happen is clearly highly desirable. The whole population sees this; they are living in terrible poverty and they need access between labour and jobs and medical services. Everything hangs on a decent transport network, and this is the way to provide it.”
Source: The National, 2010-10-09

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