Railways of Afghanistan website relaunched

The Railways of Afghanistan website has been relaunched with a new, more permanent and easier to use home at

This will bring all the news, updates and historical articles about Afghanistan together in one place, without being mixed up with the sound mirrors news as well.

There is a dedicated Railways of Afghanistan RSS feed, if you want to be alerted when the website is updated.

Meanwhile, it has been drawn to my attention that someone is nicking my text and republishing it on a web forum in HMP Australia. Sometimes he isn’t even crediting the source, and sometimes he is making it look like I’ve actually written it for them.

Obviously I’m all in favour of quotation, fair use and being linked to, but please don’t pinch my text without first asking.

I’ve been a bit sensitive about copyright since someone “borrowed” my Afghan railway history for a rather dubious political website which I really didn’t want to be associated with (though they did take it down when I sent the webmaster a nastygram)…

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