Narrow gauge railways in Tajikistan

Narrow gauge railway Dushanbe – Kurgan-Tube – Kulyab, Nizhniy Panj” – in Russian, but Google Translate works pretty well.

The 750 mm gauge railway network in the southwest of Tajikistan was started in 1929. Originally there were two unrelated lines: Kurgan-Tube – Nizhniy Panj…

Nizhniy Panj is on north side of the river which forms the border with Afghanistan. The railway closed in the 1990s, but there is some talk of building a new line in the area with a bridge to Afghanistan and onward connections to Kunduz, Mazar-i-Sharif and beyond.

There is also a link to a general history of railways in Tajikistan (in Russian).

One thought on “Narrow gauge railways in Tajikistan

  1. Tajikistan has already opened a bridge near Nehniy Punj connecting with Shirkhan of Afghanistan. Railway Link between Kunduz and ultimately with Pakistan and Iran will open new opportunities in the area. Many Far Flung Tajikistan Cities will be connected which will steam the commercial activity in the area.

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