Khaf – Herat railway Stage 4 Phase 1 approved

Afghanistan’s National Procurement Commission has approved the Phase 1 of Stage 4 of the railway being built from Khaf in Iran to Herat province in Afghanistan. Here is my attempt to identify the Khaf – Herat railway construction stages.

National Procurement Commission in a session dated Feb 18, 2019 approved the design and construction of 43 km of phase 1 of Part 4 of Khawaf-Herat railway from Ghoryan district to Rabat Paryan. This project will be constructed by a Kazakhstani Company from development budget of Afghan Government.

Khawaf-Herat railway comprised from 4 parts with total length of 225 km. The 1st and 2nd parts with length of 76 km completed recently in the territory of Iran and the 3rd part, from the border to Ghoryan district is being constructing with the length of 62 km, will be completed soon for operation.

Khawaf-Herat railway has high economic and transportation importance and by completion and exploitation of it Afghanistan could connect through Iran’s railway to southern borders of Iran and Turkey railway network.

Source: Design and Construction Phase 1 of Part 4 of Khwaf – Herat Railway Approves, Afghanistan Railway Authority, 19 February 2019

One thought on “Khaf – Herat railway Stage 4 Phase 1 approved

  1. The opening to Rahzanak was 10/12/20 but the first test train was 2/12/20. The terminus appears to be alongside the Islam Quala-Herat road about 6km east of Rahzanak and on the north side of nuhe Hari Rud river. There is a substantial bridge over the river.
    Google Earth does not show any works east of this point alongside the highway towards Herat. A terminus at Herat International Airport seems counterintuitive as the railway would ave to recross the Hari Rud river to gain the south side of Herat. Work on the final stage into Herat began in December.

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