Sound mirror for sale

Boulby Barns Farm is for sale, along with its sound mirror. Offers in the region of £695 000.

Within the paddock is a Grade II listed Listening Post dating from around 1916 and used to detect approaching enemy Zeppelins and other aircraft. This structure is believed to be one of only 3 remaining in the country.
Source: Smiths Gore/Rightmove

Presumably this refers to the similar mirrors at Sunderland and Selsey.

Thanks to John McMillan for alerting me.

One thought on “Sound mirror for sale

  1. The Sound Mirror in the Kew park is from the German Play Equipment company Richter Speilgerate who sell them commercially.

    Other UK Hands-on Science Sound Mirrrs/Whisper Dishes can be seen at;
    Techniquest, Cardiff
    The Look Out Discovery Park, Bracknell
    There used to be a pair at the Joddrell Bank Science Centre but I haven’t been for a long time and it’s been revamped.

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