Locomotives at Baghdad station

Some photos taken by Dave James at Baghdad Central station on 25/26 September 2011. Interesting to see a Lugansk DEM2800 locomotive, as most recent photos seem to show the DEM2700 class (CNR Dalian type DF10FI).

Iraqi Republic Railways locomotive number DEM2809, a Lugansk-built type TE114I.

DEM2809, with what looks like a Thyssen-Henschel/EMD DEM2500 in the background, behind the vans on the right.

The plinthed steam locomotive.

DEM2717 south of Baghdad

Chris Curtis served in Iraq with the US infantry, and has sent me this photo of a short IRR train hauled by loco DEM2717 which he took “just south of Baghdad” in 2005.

DEM 2717 south of Baghdad© Chris Curtis

The 50 locos in the DEM2700 class were built by Dalian Loco in China, and delivered to Iraqi Republic Railways from 2002.

More pics

The UK’s Defence Image database has a few pictures of railways in Iraq dated 26/11/03, which can be found if you search for railway. I can’t figure out if the copyright rules let me put them here or not, but try these links

  • http://tinyurl.com/2ctvay Members of A Company, 1st Battalion The Royal Scots. On foot patrol in Az-Zubayr south of Basra.
  • http://tinyurl.com/2c824p A member of A Company, 1st Battalion The Royal Scots with Iraqi children, on foot patrol in Az-Zubayr south of Basra crosses rail tracks.
  • http://tinyurl.com/2efxbb A child sits on a rusting railway carriage [actually a freight wagon] as he watches members of A Company, 1st Battalion The Royal Scots on foot patrol Az-Zubayr south of Basra.