Photographs of Iraqi railways

Miscellaneous pictures of railways in Iraq.

[Photo of trains]

Francorail loco out of service at Shalchya shops. These big locomotives only work on western lines due to weight. All were out of service at this point.

Photo:Rick Degman, World Diesel Loco

[Photo of loco with very bent cab]

The loco on the left (DEM2731) was involved in a head-on collision at Iskandarya in December 2003, and was still sitting there in February. There were no fatalities, as the engine drivers got out. The loco on the right (DEM2561) is a Henschel-EMD product from the mid-1980s that was one of the three assigned to Saddam’s special train. The unit was one of the cleanest locos I have ever seen anywhere, inside and out. It was on a special inspection train we took week from Baghdad to Samawa and return. The Henschels are considered to be the best locos on the system.

Photo:Rick Degman, World Diesel Loco

[Photo of trains]

Baghdad Central Station Chinese loco (furthest away), Czech shunting engine, Henschel (nearest).

Photo:Rick Degman, World Diesel Loco

[Photo of trains]

Inspection train at Diwaniya, with Marcosa/EMD diesel on left

Photo:Rick Degman, World Diesel Loco

[Photo of trains]

DEM 2006

[Photo of loco]
Another CKD DEM20xx.

[Photo of loco]

Old Canadian MLW in Shalchya shop. These units from the 70’s have been
out of service for years, and will probably be scrapped.

Photo:Rick Degman, World Diesel Loco

[Loco 2201]

World Diesel Loco

[DES2200 locos hauling freight train]

DES2211 leads a freight train.

Alessandro Albà

[Loco DHS144]

DHS144, seen on 17 June 2004

[Loco DEM2703]

DEM2703, 2004
Mike Jackson

[Loco DEM2703 with container train]

DEM2703 hauling a container train, 2004
Mike Jackson

[Loco DHS144]

DEM2727, 2004
Mike Jackson

[Loco DEM2709]

DEM2709 and the Normandy Band, Queen’s Division, attached to 34 Field Hospital on medical support duties, at a
ceremony in Umm Qasr on 19 April 2003



DEM2305 (and 2312 or 2313) at Basra

Photo: © UNJLC


2 thoughts on “Photographs of Iraqi railways

  1. Respected Sir,
    I am working as fright train driver since 15 years in Indian Railways and also i have worked in Saudi Arabian Railways for one year i am interested to work in IRAQ Railways.
    Syed Jaffar

  2. Hi Andrew

    I have photos of steam trains taken in April 1971 on the meter gauge line in the desert south of Ur near laqit. We were struggling to reach Basra in a double decker bus and were forced to take to the desert due to insufficient height under river crossing bridges on all other routes. If you would like to add these photos to your collection, please send me an email.

    Kind regards

    Bob Elves

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