Narrow gauge and miniature railways

Park and pleasure railways in Iraq.

al-Zawraa Park, Baghdad

There is a circular narrow gauge railway around Baghdad’s Zawraa Park, close to the Central station. The diesel(?) locomotive seems to be a rather interesting machine – possibly locally made?

This aerial photo of a park shows the railway; I’m not sure where the person who sent me the picture found it, or what date it is.

Has anyone been for a ride?

There were reports of a 3 foot gauge amusement park railway with a Crown Metal Products steam engine, possibly one “acquired” from Kuwait’s Entertainment City following the invasion. This could be the same line.

Baghdad Zoo

The Restoration & Archiving Trust has some photos of a 2-8-0 on a miniature railway at Baghdad Zoo in March 1967. While Baghdad Zoo is in al-Zawraa park, this is clearly a different, smaller, line to the one above.

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