Steam locomotives in Iraq

[Steam train in Iraq]

While the diesel locomotive coverage on this website is fairly comprehensive, the historic steam locomotives below are just a random selection which I have found photos of.

The book Middle East Railways by Hugh Hughes has detailed listings of steam engines (though I can’t see any Sentinels). And no, there aren’t any steam locos still in use in Iraq!

There is a selection of interesting photos showing lots of standard gauge and metre-gauge steam locos (and some diesels) on the Iraq section of the Restoration & Archiving Trust website.

Tables of “standard” steam locomotive classes in Iraq:

Standard gauge locomotives

No 405, Borsig 8480/1912 (built as an 0-6-0T) outside Baghdad Central station.

Class PC

[Steam loco]
Photo: Railway Gazette International
In 1951 Mosul to Baghdad standard gauge air-conditioned sleeping car train approaching Baghdad West hauled by a streamlined PC class 4-6-2 built by Robert Stephenson & Hawthorne. The Restoration & Archiving Trust has some colour photos of these magnificent locos

Class TD (British 8F)

[Photo of a derelict 8F steam locomotive in Baghdad, Iraq, in 2003]

An British-built 8F, similar to those used in the UK and around the world, has survived in Baghdad. It is being protected pending a decision on what will be done with it. The December 2003 issue of Steam Railway magazine mentions this 8F in a compound near Baghdad. Preserved Locomotives of British Railways (Fox & Hall, eighth edition 1993) suggests it is former War Department 8F no.547, built by North British Locomotive Co as works no.24740 of 1941 which became IRR no.1429.

Class TE

[Steam loco]
Photo: Railway Gazette International
Krupp TE-class 2-8-0 on a Baghdad – Mosul train.

Metre gauge locomotives

[Steam loco]
Photo: Railway Gazette International
Baghdad – Basra metre-gauge mail train leaving Baghdad West hauled by 2-8-2 American-built Mcarthur loco. The last vehicle is the through coach to Nairiyah.

Class Y 2-8-2

Manufacturer’s publicity brochure, from the Vulcan Foundry website.

Class Z 2-8-2

[Steam loco]
Photo: Railway Gazette International
Metre-gauge 2-8-2 Z-class oil fired loco, one of 20 supplied by Ferrostaal AG of Essen.


47 Baldwin 3ft 6in gauge Malletts were built in 1917-18 for Russia’s Archangel Railway, but owing to the Russian Revolution these were diverted to British War Department, and most were used in Iraq.


[Sentinel shunting loco on a plinth]

A plinthed Sentinel shunter survives at a railway workshop (Photo: G Mott, 2003).

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  1. Does anyone have info on a Baldwin steam loco that was driven in ww2 by my father in law. I think this was in the Baghdad area and the loco number was 4145? He is now 94 years of age and would find this interesting.

    1. My father John Moor Evans has just met up with another drive Caleb Priestley at York railway Museum both are 94yrs old.
      he drove from Andimeshk to Doroud and up to Arak. also landed at Salerno and drove trains in Italy.
      was he in (number***) Railway Operating Company Royal Engineers?

      i am looking for a Len Dickinson of Togmortion? York area

    1. Was there any news on the Kirkuk tanks. Spent two years watching them pass work site. Thanks, David Rhodes

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