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This website was produced by Andrew Grantham. It doesn’t represent the views of anyone, anywhere – not even me! It is not in any way commercial, and not connected with any commerical organisations which might be mentioned.


Feel free to get in touch if you have any comments, can offer more information on subjects covered, or just have some constructive criticism. I will usually get back to you, but I apologise if I’m not able to reply straight away.


Unless otherwise stated I own the copyright to the content of this website. If you want to use something (including the pictures) for anything other than personal private use, please ask first. I probably won’t mind, but would like to know first.

There are lots of myths floating around about copyright, so here is some information about the law. If anything belonging to someone else has been inadvertently used, please let me know and I’ll credit it or change it as appropriate.


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Other than basic statistical information from Google Analytics about the number of visitors, which other websites are sending them here (the usual sort of thing), I’m not collecting any data on visitors. 

If you e-mail me, I won’t spam you or do bad things with your address.


Chain links

The contents of external pages which are linked to are nothing to do with me. If you find that any of the links do lead to something dodgy, let me know so that I can make changes.

Feel free to link to any of my pages – that’s how the web works – but please don’t “hotlink” images, link to the page instead.

Technical stuff

This site, as you might have guessed, mostly runs on WordPress. Some pages were written as raw HTML, mainly using the freeware program NoteTab Light.

Most, if not all, of the pages should be HTML standards compliant, and I hope they are accessible to anyone or anything which wants to get at them. Cascading style sheets are used to make the pages look a bit prettier, but the site is fully functional without them.

If you do come across a technical problem, please tell me so that I can investigate how to fix it.

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