Railways in Bahrain

A news story from last Friday (13 June 2008) was that a Bahrain-based investor has bought UK-based freight operator Freightliner.

Which indirectly raises the question of whether there are any railways in Bahrain? As far as I know there aren’t, but rather bizarrely thay have an ex-British Rail Mark I coach in use as a restaurant!

[An ex-British Railways mark One coach in Bahrain]

According to the Southern Electric Group, buffet car 69338 from 4Big unit 2206/7054 is the station restaurant for the Gulf Corporation in Bahrain.

[An ex-British Railways mark One coach in Bahrain]
Photos by David Kelso, March 2003

2 thoughts on “Railways in Bahrain

  1. At least there is no damp to make it rust away. Would rather see it on the London to Brighton service but then one can’t have everything.

  2. Hi I am off to Bahrain this October, could you please tell me where is this train restaurant in Bahrain?
    Thank you.

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