IRR sand removal machines

Kershaw’s Model 46-6 Sand Removal Machines to join the IRR’s fleet of railway maintenance vehicles:

Al Burhan Group had signed a contract in 2008 with Iraqi Republic Railway to deliver 2 Kershaw Sand Removal Machines – Model 46-6 in 2009. Al Burhan Group has been working with Kershaw/Progress Rail to get the machines shipped on the 31st of December 2009, on Wallensius Wilhelmsen Lines to Um Qasr via Jabel Ali.

The machine will be one of the most superior machines used for removing sand from the train tracks. It’s the first time such a machine is being added to the Iraqi Republic Railway’s fleet of railway equipment. This machine will enable the IRR to focus on the dust covered track in the Western part of the country. This would improve the links between Iraq and its Western neighbours.

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