New URL for Railways of Iraq

The unofficial Railways of Iraq webpages have a new host and new address, at

Hopefully this should be a stable and user-friendly URL, ending the long migration which started at before moving to then and now here. Please update your links!

If you are looking for the official IRR page, it is here: General Company for Rail Ways.

[Steam loco]
Krupp TE-class 2-8-0 on a Baghdad – Mosul train.
Photo: Railway Gazette International

Locomotives at Baghdad station

Some photos taken by Dave James at Baghdad Central station on 25/26 September 2011. Interesting to see a Lugansk DEM2800 locomotive, as most recent photos seem to show the DEM2700 class (CNR Dalian type DF10FI).

Iraqi Republic Railways locomotive number DEM2809, a Lugansk-built type TE114I.

DEM2809, with what looks like a Thyssen-Henschel/EMD DEM2500 in the background, behind the vans on the right.

The plinthed steam locomotive.

Baghdad metro planning in 1983

From a correspondent:

Re the Baghdad Metro – I was employed as a subbie in Munich in the Summer of 1983 – we were working on electrical installation design (lighting, etc.) for the company Joint Venture Dorsch (“Detailed Design Consultants Lot 011”). The drawings produced were for “Saddam City Depot, Running Shed” and carried the header “Baghdad Rapid Transit Authority”. They all seemed quite innocent and ‘above board’ at that time.