Railway not in use yet

“Hairatan-Mazar Railway Not Yet Utilised” writes Tamim Shaheer at Tolo News on 12 April 2011.

The work of the railway connecting Hairatan border with the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif has not been completed as planned. … The Afghan Ministry of Public Works said an operational team is to come to Afghanistan from the neighboring Uzbeskistan to help speed up the work.

The Ministry says the construction company is to employ 600 workers soon to complete the project so that the railway can be utilised soon.


One thought on “Railway not in use yet

  1. What could be incomplete on a railroad that was to be finished several months ago? For such a small project, why will it take a workforce of 600 workers to get the rest of the job done? Finally, I wonder just how long it will take to finish the project, and get the trains running?

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