Khyber Pass railway tunnel photo

A photo of the Khyber Pass railway from the Railway Gazette International archives.

On the back of the picture is a handwritten caption: “On the Khyber Railway – a push trolly on a down grade entering a tunnel, after it has already passed through the top tunnel. P.W.R.”.

PWR is presumably Pakistan Western Railway. The back of the picture has a 30 March 1962 date stamp; this might be when the picture was developed or when the magazine received it, rather than when the picture was taken.

2 thoughts on “Khyber Pass railway tunnel photo

  1. Hi, I have some photographs which my grandfather took during his time in the army, he was in India and Afghanistan for 9 years. I’m pretty sure I have a photo of the same Railway tunnel as this one. I also have a lot of photographs of the area.
    I’m in the process of doing a website for my family history and am including some of the photos on there.

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