Tours tram wireless operation

Videos of Alstom Citadis 402 trams in the French city of Tours switching from 750 V DC overhead to APS ground-level power supply, outside the main station. APS catenary-free operation is used on a 1·8 km section of the line through the pedestrianised city centre.

Design agency RCP developed the ‘architecture in motion’ theme for the trams, which features a mirrored adhesive film intended to reflect the urban surroundings and resemble the River Loire.

The tram ends feature two vertical strips of LEDs aligned with the rails, which glow white at the front and red at the back.

West Croydon ticket machine offers unexpected option

I was rather surprised to find a ticket machine at London Overground’s West Croydon station offering me the option of a ticket valid for travel “By West Anglia Great Northern only” when I was buying ticket to Brighton on 23 February 2014.


  1. WAGN ceased to exist at the end of March 2006.
  2. When it did exist, it didn’t go anywhere near Croydon* or Brighton.

As the GN part of WAGN was merged with Thameslink to create the franchise which is currently held by First Capital Connect, I suspect a database somewhere has got confused and output WAGN when it really means FCC.

I would get out more, if I could find the right ticket.

(as to why I was trying to do this: Croydon to Brighton tickets routed FCC only are cheaper than any permitted tickets. And there are usually shorted queues for the ticket machines at West Croydon than at East Croydon.)

* The Croydon in Cambridgeshire doesn’t have a station.

Railway photography in Nazi Germany

Given the outbreaks of anti-photography paranoia which have occurred in Britain in recent years, I was amused to stumble across this 1938 Railway Gazette article “Amateur railway photography in Germany”, reporting that the Reichsbahn had recently clarified that railway photography was permitted from public areas.

The report was published on 15 April 1938 – the week in which you-know-who’s party won more than 99% of the votes in the final “election” before the war.

Railway Gazette report on photographing trains in Nazi Germany