Warden Point sea defences

Now the bad news. Greg writes from Warden Bay:

a bit concerned about the future of our sound mirror. Basically government funding has now been sourced to install a rock sea defence along the bottom of the cliff to stop it eroding (probably the same as at Bartons Point, Minster). This would go along the beach to near where the mirror is located, but I would hate to see it buried in the rocks. The mirror is something quite historic, and has become a local landmark, often known as the “listening ear”. … I haven’t seen the plan for the proposed works or the impact they would have on the mirror, and don’t know whether it has any kind of preservation order on it.

Wouldn’t it be great if, while they have huge machines on the beach, if the mirror could be moved up the beach a bit, so as to ebate its decay in the sea?

Oh, by the way, the “cracked” thing was done by an artist(?) who did this sort of stuff all round the island! A waste of time if you ask me – all that effort would have been far more useful maybe erecting a plaque or something to explain, to the hundreds of people who use the beach, exactly what the concrete remains used to be, and how they played a vital part in our history.

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