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  1. Hello!
    Sorry, this isn’t that related to most of what you’re writing about (however i found the stuff about the trains in Iraq very interesting).
    Anyway, i live in Canterbury and i’ve been looking to try and visit the sound mirrors. Unfortunately i haven’t the foggiest idea where to start looking other than getting the train to Dungeness (which i expect will result in getting of the train and wondering where these things are). If you could let me know the details of how to find them etc that would be very helpful.
    Your photos are excellent by the way. . i’m hoping to get some of my own.
    Cheers –

    (I also have a site powered by wordpress. You can contact me through http://www.makewealthhistory.org)

  2. The Denge mirrors can just about be seen from the RH&DR trains if you know where and when to look, but only way to get to see them close up is on one of the Romney Marsh Countryside Project’s guided walks. Keep an eye on the RMCP website for dates. It is possible to get to the walks by bus from Folkestone – I’ve done it a couple of times – but a car would simplfy things.

    The Hythe, Abbott’s Cliff and some of the northeastern mirrors are open accessible. As is Warden Point, but there’s not a lot to see!

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