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Sound mirrors on the Kent History Forum. There is lots of other good stuff on the site, too.

  • Abbot’s Cliff. Including an aerial photo.
  • Denge. on the last official walk … there was round 300 hundred of us.
  • Fan Hole, near Dover.
  • Hythe.
  • Joss Gap (Kingsgate). Joss bay had two sound mirrors one being a slab, this was cut into the cliff near by the castle keep hotel , now replaced by flats.a slight indentation can still be seen near the top of the cliff. Checking the site where the round mirror was, which was a timber frame rendered. a few years ago the telephone cable blocks were still in place.
  • Warden Point. With a good 1978 photo of it about to go over the cliff.

2 thoughts on “Kent History Forum photos

  1. Hi there ,
    I look after the RAF Bomber Command Veterans in and we are still going strong.
    In your forum pages on Rochester Airport ( page 1, reply67 ,Aprol10 2011 ) there is a photo of a Wellington on a loader. The aircraft carries the markings of 75 NZ squadron RAF and we would welcome the chance to see a bigger version so we can identify the aircraft and its crew. Any help would be most appreciated.
    NZ Bomber Command Ass ..Archives

  2. I was one of the pilots in No. 24 RFS Rochester in 1947 onwards. Several times I have tried to register on KHF to submit photos etc. but is quite impossible.
    Would you know if they have a email address. Clicking on HELP is useless.

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