Hythe sound mirror pictures

Paul Sheersmith went to Hythe in Kent on May 7, and took these photos of the sound mirror there.

Hythe Sound mirror (Paul Shearsmith)

Hythe sound mirror

Another correspondent writes with news of about a recent trip to the Hythe sound mirror:

I intended to go for a walk by the military canal near Hythe today, but was diverted by the sight of the mirror still standing above the Pennypot estate – so decided to clamber up there.

Very overgrown near the top – could not walk around the back as the stinging nettles were too high. However fascinating to see – so have been hunting for some more information about them this evening. Remember seeing something on ‘Coast‘ sometime ago.

Thanks for the info and the photos – unfortunately we did not have the camera with us today which is most unusual.

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