1/1200 scale model sound mirrors

Although model trains are more my scene, last year I wandered along to the South East London Wargames Group show, where I acquired some Brigade Models 1/1200 scale sound mirrors.

The models are cast in lead-free white-metal. Here they are painted up, one with a vaguely Denge-like base, one with “grass”.

Model of a sound mirror

Model of a sound mirror

Inspired by Il Widna on Malta, I added representation of a concrete base and control room to the 200 ft mirror, and painted it in camouflage colours.

Model of 200 foot sound mirror

<odel of 200 foot sound mirror

You can order the models from Brigade Models: they are sets SSS-8001 Acoustic Mirror and SSS-8002 Listening Ears (pack of 2) in the “Small Scale Scenery” range.

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