Photographs of Iraqi railways

Miscellaneous pictures of railways in Iraq.

[Photo of trains]

Francorail loco out of service at Shalchya shops. These big locomotives only work on western lines due to weight. All were out of service at this point.

Photo:Rick Degman, World Diesel Loco

[Photo of loco with very bent cab]

The loco on the left (DEM2731) was involved in a head-on collision at Iskandarya in December 2003, and was still sitting there in February. There were no fatalities, as the engine drivers got out. The loco on the right (DEM2561) is a Henschel-EMD product from the mid-1980s that was one of the three assigned to Saddam’s special train. The unit was one of the cleanest locos I have ever seen anywhere, inside and out. It was on a special inspection train we took week from Baghdad to Samawa and return. The Henschels are considered to be the best locos on the system.

Photo:Rick Degman, World Diesel Loco

[Photo of trains]

Baghdad Central Station Chinese loco (furthest away), Czech shunting engine, Henschel (nearest).

Photo:Rick Degman, World Diesel Loco

[Photo of trains]

Inspection train at Diwaniya, with Marcosa/EMD diesel on left

Photo:Rick Degman, World Diesel Loco

[Photo of trains]

DEM 2006

[Photo of loco]
Another CKD DEM20xx.

[Photo of loco]

Old Canadian MLW in Shalchya shop. These units from the 70’s have been
out of service for years, and will probably be scrapped.

Photo:Rick Degman, World Diesel Loco

[Loco 2201]

World Diesel Loco

[DES2200 locos hauling freight train]

DES2211 leads a freight train.

Alessandro Albà

[Loco DHS144]

DHS144, seen on 17 June 2004

[Loco DEM2703]

DEM2703, 2004
Mike Jackson

[Loco DEM2703 with container train]

DEM2703 hauling a container train, 2004
Mike Jackson

[Loco DHS144]

DEM2727, 2004
Mike Jackson

[Loco DEM2709]

DEM2709 and the Normandy Band, Queen’s Division, attached to 34 Field Hospital on medical support duties, at a
ceremony in Umm Qasr on 19 April 2003



DEM2305 (and 2312 or 2313) at Basra

Photo: © UNJLC


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