Modelling Iraqi railways

RMweb has some discussion of models which could be used to represent Iraqi Republic Railways locos.

Three or four years ago I went to a model railway show in Sutton, south London, where someone was selling imported Czech resin bodyshells for building models of various Czech(-oslovakian) locomotives. At least one of the bodies on show was suitable for an Iraqi loco – perhaps a T669. Unfortunately I didn’t buy one at the time, and I didn’t take the details of where they were made and who imported them. Does this sound familar to anyone? I could be tempted to acquire one now if anyone knows who the supplier is!

Anyway, an RMweb poster called Fosterboy has identified some possible candidates for conversion into models of IRR locos.

IRR DEM2200 loco.

Piko model of SNCF BB 567590

Piko SNCF BB 567590 model.

IRR DEM2700 loco
Bachmann model CD00301, DF4D Diesel Loco
Bachmann Chinese DF4D model

IRR DEM2800 I think you need the cabs of ??? and the body of ???
Unfortunately the links from RMweb to the Roco website have got mangled, and I can’t figure out a way to reverse engineer them, but this class has been described as “the body of a TE109, the front ends of a M62 and the roof fixtures of a 2TE121”, which could help pin down suitable models (why are so many model manufacturers’ websites so appallingly bad?).

The DES3100 is available as a brass kit
DK-Model brass T669 locomotive kit
DK-Model brass T669 locomotive kit

More suggestions would be very welcome!

3 thoughts on “Modelling Iraqi railways

  1. Hi,

    Since the posting I made on RMWeb, the Roco site has been changed drastically, so I’ll do my best to provide some updated links on the original posting.

    Basically, the M62 and TE109 are widely available in H0 (and indeed N and TT) as both designs were used by the East German Deutsche Reichsbahn and various other Eastern European railway administrations.

    Also, the T669 is available in resin through a man named Pavel Ciz- I’m afraid I don’t have any website details for him. The model shop at Ostrava station in the Czech Republic often carries them.



  2. I’ve had more thoughts on this subject- the DES 3001 class is produced by Tillig in H0 and TT, and the DHS and DHLs look like Vossloh G1000s and G1200s respectively.

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