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Russian language-discussion of Afghan railways, via Google Translate

It looks like I need to find a copy of the book Выполняя Интернациональный Долг (and learn Russian).

Yes, the branch Kushka-Toragundi there a long time. I have personally seen covered freight wagons in the WCD Toragundi, when he served in Afghanistan, in 1986 and I have a small book (authorship, not mine) “In carrying out international duty”, where this branch is a little described. There an interview with a citizen of Afghanistan, a switchman employed on this road. There is in this book and excellent photo (h / b) TEM-2 diesel locomotive with a banner “Friendship with the Soviet and the Afghan people can not be undermined!

Павел Егерев 17.08.2009 01:31

Also a Ferghana article dated 4 December 2009 Why does Afghanistan need railroad?, looking at the background to the Uzbek – Afghan rail link.

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  1. If anyone has any suitable pictures of the lines I’d be very happy to add them to the website.

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