An old locomotive at the Kabul Museum

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Photo of the Day: 4 August 2009

Photo of the Day: 4 August 2009

An old locomotive at the Kabul Museum.

One of the first three locomotives in Afghanistan, imported by King Amanullah Khan in the 1920s, is now on display at the Kabul Museum.

A US$ 120 million grant from the Asian Development Bank is due to be used for railway development in Afghanistan.

A feasibility study will be conducted for a rail route connecting the northern town of Hairatan, which borders Uzbekistan, to the western province of Herat. Another route under study will be between Shirkhan Bandar in Kunduz province, which borders Tajikistan, and Mazar-i-Sharif in the north of the country.

Afghanistan is a landlocked country with no railways.

Photo: Fardin Waezi (UNAMA).

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